Thursday, 21 May 2009

FinGym 2009

This is a small competition but it attracted some good quality junior gymnasts including Laura Svilpaite, Sara Catanzaro and Naoual Ouazzani-Chahdi.
Laura Svilpaite from Lithuania is one of my favourite gymnasts and her form is beautiful. She earnt a gold medal on beam with 13.90 and a silver medal on Bars (12.90) with a fall. Her bars routine has a D Score of 5.70 and includes a tkatchev, pak salto and double layout dismount. In qualification she scored 14.850. Her routine from the WOGA Classic where she performed better is below:

Naoual Ouazzani-Chahdi from the Netherlands earnt gold medals on Vault and Floor with scores of 13.950 and 13.850. Her floor routine was entertaining and although she didnt do the harder tumbles her form was good.
Sara Catanzaro from Switzerland has high D Scores including 5.90 on beam but needs to work on her execution and form but she has a lot of potential. She got 2 silvers on Vault (13.775) and Floor (13.60). Her routine had Double Arabian, tucked full in, 1 1/1 through to double and double pike to finish.
Full results and videos can be found here

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