Sunday, 3 May 2009

USA VS France and France VS GBR May 8

On May 8 the USA seniors are competing against the French Seniors and at the same time the GB Juniors are competing against the French Juniors. The teams competing are listed below:

Marine Petit, Aurélie Malausséna, Rose-Eliandre Bellemare, Pauline Morel, Typhaine Pompilio, Magaly Hars, Léa Kémayou.
Bridgette Caquatto, Mackenzie Caquatto, Olivia Courtney, Kytra Hunter, Mattie Larson, Corrie Lothrop, Bridgette Sloan, Sabrina Vega.

Cindy Baquet, Mira Boumejmajen, Marine Brevet, Justine Crosato, Caroline Nieves, Aurélie Orivelle, Sophia Serseri .
Laura Edwards, Laura Mitchell, Danusia Francis, Niamh Rippin, Jennifer Pinches, Ruby Straw, Nicole Hibbert.

Interestingly Youna Dufournet is not competing, I hope they are taking time to sort her routines out before her next competition. Also some of the USA Team competing are not actually Seniors, Bridget Caquatto and Sabrina Vega are still Juniors. It will be good to see Pauline Morel competing again I really liked her floor routine last year.

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