Sunday, 3 May 2009


The results were:
1. USA 232.400
2. GER 219.700
All Around
1. Bridget Sloan, USA 59.550
2. Corrie Lothrop, USA, 56.500
3. Mackenzie Caquatto, USA, 56.400
4. Olivia Courtney, USA, 55.95
5. Bridgette Caquatto, USA, 55.80
6. Kim Bui GER, 55.75
7. Mattie Larson, USA, 55.65
8. Anja Brinker, GER, 55.25

GymNiceTic has a full report with the live ticker translated into English and full results can be found here. Dutchfan33 has also put all the routines on Youtube.

Performances I was impressed with:
Bridget Sloan
She had the top scores on Vault (15.35), Bars (15.15) and 2nd on Beam (14.00) and Floor (15.05). Although her results were probably expected she did her job and led the team well.
Sabrina Vega
Her Beam routine was a very mature performance considering more experienced teammates had problems (Sloan, Lothrop). She scored the highest on the day (14.30) with a double pike dismount and solid leaps.

Kytra Hunter
She only did vault and floor but her floor had some impressing tumbling with a Double Layout, Piked Double Arabian, and a Tucked Double Arabian to finish! she had the highest score on floor with a 15.150 (to put that into perspective at the Europeans this score would have earnt her joint first place with Tweddle!)

Of the Germans Maike Roll had a good competition considering it was her first International for Germany, she doesn't yet have the difficulty needed but she is still only 14 so she has time. Kim Bui also did well to get amongst the Americans in the All Around and she had a nice floor routine scoring 14.250
Performances I was a bit disappointed with:
Mattie Larson
I have always loved this gymnast especially last year but she seemed to be having an off day yesterday. She had a fall on her Ricna on bars and a big step out of bounds on floor. I hope there is some problem I don't know about and she sorts everything out for worlds.
Bars Routines
I noticed that Mackenzie Caquatto and Corrie Lothrop both have a close bar element missing from their routines, which is a requirement in the new code:
3 – Min. two different grips (no cast, MT or DMT) and
a Close bar Circle element (non flight) award 0.50 (from the code)
So considering it is worth 0.5 it seems to be a crucial thing to miss out. What does everyone else think?

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