Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Maribor 2009 Results

I didnt cover this event in any detail because I was away this weekend at a gymnastics competition, so I didnt get to see any of it. Full Results can be found on the Official Website. I've had a chance to see most of the routines now as they are available on 2008agwc's and soveticas4ever youtube channels.
I was most impressed with Kristina Goryunova who won the Beam (14.350) and Floor (14.000) Finals and also got Silver on Bars (13.700). The scores are exactly high compared to the European medallists but she just seemed a much more mature and consistent gymnast than in before and I guess she has recovered well from her "injury" that kept her out of the All Around final.
I liked her beam routine it was elegant and had some nice skills (Onodi,pike front off on leg,sheep jump) and an almost stuck double pike dismount.

Goryunova also had an elegant floor routine and I actuallly liked her dance and leaps and she had solid landings on all 4 tumbles. Anna Myzdrikova also had a nice and more difficult floor routine (13.950) than Goryunovas' but she stepped out of bounds twice and her landings were not as good. She looked like she had grown since last year and was in better shape. The Russians overall were very good although the level of the competition was not high they still did ther job. Another Russian to mention is Ekaterina Kurbatova who won the Bars Final (14.325), she is relatively unknown internationally but had some interesting connections and skills which can been seen on soveticas4ever channel.
Another interesting gymnast was Ana Claudia Silva from Brazil she came 2nd on beam (13.550) and 5th on Bars (13.000). I've always liked her elegant stle and long lines but she has always been inconsistent. Her beam had a very nice mount and spin combination, as well as a clean dismount.

Another gymnast who I liked that competed this weekend is Miranda Meyer from Canada. This was her first overseas competition representing Canada and she made the Beam final. She had the highest start value of all the gymnasts (5.90) and she is only. Unfortunately she did not stick her routine in the final coming 5th (12.550) but earlier this month at the Wild Rose Invitational she came first on beam (13.60). The routine is below for you to watch:

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