Sunday, 5 April 2009

European Event Finals - Women


1. Kaeslin 14.625 - first vault was handspring front layout 1 1/2 but it was a little piked down with bent knees at the end but she gets so much height off the top and her yurchenko 1 1/2 was good and she deserved the gold medal.
2. Berger 14.325 - I like her first vault which was tsuk 1 1/2 and the second was interesting as it is different to normal vaults you see, boith were good but not quite as neat as Kaeslin.
3. Kalashnyk 14.275 - first vault was yurchenko double full but with quite untidy legs but I thought her second vault was much better and I'm glad another Ukranian got a medal.
4. Van Walleghem 14.200 - both her vaults had good form just not enough difficulty but personally I prefer to watch vaults with good form rather than difficult vaults being thrown woth bad form.
5. Bui 14.150
6. Downie 14.025
7. Masela 13.950
8. Komrskova 13.875

1. Tweddle 15.575 - I'm so glad she won! I love how many connections and releases she has and she finally won another gold.
2. Semenova 15.500 - her routine was better in finals than it has been all week and there wasn't much difference in the top two in terms of execution but Beth's slightly more difficult routine meant she won.
3. Brinker 14.800 - It's good to see her win a medal at a higher level competition and she deserved it she has been consistent all week.
4. Dufournet 14.650
5. Afanasyeva 14.650
6. Downie 14.525 - she was not happy with this routine, it wasn't really bad but in the all around final she received a 15.00 which would have put her in 3rd!
7. Koval 14.350 - she doesn't seem to be in the same form as the Olympics with a lot of missed handstands and late turns.
8. Holenkova 12.700

1. Demyanchuk 14.775 - I'm really happy that she won gold as I've said before I love this gymnasts' style and form on beam and floor. She has a really nice roundoff layout and split leap 1/1 which is a very difficult leap on beam.
2. Tamirjan 14.750 - I feel sorry for her as she must have a lot of pressure on her to perform well at the these championships and she hasn't quite produced her best. Her routine wasn't bad but one missed connection between the free walkover and the flick layout meant that she lost the gold medal.
3. Dragoi 14.650 - I liked her routine she seemed very calm and composed coping with the pressure very well and got into a good rhythm. She had some nice spins and connections.
4. Petit 14.150
5. Semenova 14.125 - she seemed a little 'wobblier' than in qualification with a lot of balance checks but her dance work was still beautiful. She had her toes taped together so perhaps she has a new injury that affected her.
6. Maksuta 13.725
7. Millousi 13.450 - unfortunately the top qualifier could not produce the same performance and had a fall on her tuck back but she is still a new hope for Greece.
8. Zimmerman 12.850

1. Tweddle 15.150 - She was just amazing this week with two gold medals, she hit nearly all her landings and leaps and definetely had the best form. I think she deserved it but maybe others should have been closer.
2. Ferrari 14.675 - I'm impressed that she was able to perform this well whilst still recovering from an injury to her ankle but she is a fighter and that is why her country love her.
3. Semenova 14.625 - this was by far my favourite routine of the finals, the choreography and how she performs it are beautiful and keeps me waching throughout. I think she deserved the silver medal I thought her tumbles were better and she should definetely get more credit for artistry, nut I'm not a judge so she has to settle for bronze!
4. Tamirjan 14.075 - she took her double layout out which I think was sensible and did two full ins in tuck and pike instead (maybe she should have done that in the AA). I like her new music and routine and I think she is still growing into it and it will improve further.
5. Izurieta 14.075
6. Holenkova 13.925
7. Izbasa 13.900- her triple twist was downgraded to a 2 1/2 and because she had already done a 2 1/2 it can't be counted again so she lost DV and dismount points so her routine was scored out of a 4.90 instead of 5.50 from qualification. I have looked at the video and the triple doesn't seem that bad, I've seen worse that have got counted! But I wasnt there to watch it live so maybe it was worse than it looked. What does everyone think? If it had been counted I think she would have got silver not gold from what I can work out.
8. Parolari 13.525

All Routines from the Event Finals can be seen on youtube at 2008agwc and The Penguin888 channels
My Favourite Floor Routine from the Floor Finals - Ksenia Semenova

Beth Tweddles' Gold Medal Winning Floor Routine

Demyanchuks' Beam Routine

Tweddles' Floor Routine

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  1. Semyonova had GREAT dance, best routine of the final IMO, but her form was slop and her D score was the same as Ferrari's so execution played a big part, and Ferrari's was better