Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Round Up of all the news from European Podium Training

There has been many reports now on podium training so I decided to do a summary of all of them. The links to the full reports are at the end of this post.



Paul Ziert on Intl Gymnast reports that the whole team looks better and seems happier - good news to us all!
Semenova - Training DLO on floor, beautiful beam, didnt make her handstands on bbut overall seemed well prepared and more medals seemed destined to be in her future.
Afanasyeva - The Couch Gymnast had some interesting comments "She was falling all over the place, although her dances work on beam and floor was gorgeous. She was even falling off beam, climbing up, standing there for a second, and then just dropping off! It was almost entertaining, except that she seemed to be in a FOUL mood. She only had smiles for Semenova, but when any of her coaches tried to address her she would either ignore them or scowl. I was very, very surprised. She still worked very hard, even getting up to do a few quick side somis after their session was over."
The Couch Gymnast also noted that both looking absolutely polished and lovely and both have become more womanly.
Yulia Berger - Vault looks good she seems to have upgraded them and difficult tumbles on floor.
Kristina Goryunova - Gym Media says that Goryunova & Berger both had good technique especially regarding acrobatics and techniques on the balance beam.


They basically took over the show, while the girls in their training rotation prowled nervously around them. Some evn asked for pics with Izbasa, who happily complied (couch gymnast).
Izbasa - only training floor and beam, is using her Olympics floor routine becasue she thinks it suits her personality better and with all the old tumbling although it was noted a little more strained than last year. Beam was solid but dance work not as good as Semenova.
Tamirjan - Looked good on all pieces even bars, trained a DLO on floor which was good when landed!, Fast paced, solid beam routine.
Chelaru - showed good skils and form, should be a factor in the all arounf, has 2 good vaults and is hoping to make the final on her favourite piece.
Dragoi - nice beam and bars, hoping for a place in the beam final.


Overall they had a lower level of skill but beautiful form and dance work.
Holenkova - "her work was pretty and she smiled all the time, laughed with her coach, but was working really hard."(couch gymnast)

Dufournet - Impressive tumbling, not so with the dance (suprise, suprise!)
Petit and Dufournet good on floor less impressive in beam.

Great Britain
Tweddle - She still has her Gienger + Markelov connection but also showed a new connection of Tkatchev + Tkatchev with half twist. On floor she had good form and high difficulty level.

Ferrari - She did compete all 4 pieces som with more success than others. On vault she trained a slightly scary looking yurchenko double full by all accounts. Beam was better with her nice plance mount. Bars seemed laboured and some mpves were being 'muscled'. Floor with her old music not the one with voices! Tumbles were tucked full-in, then 1 1/2 to a front full, tucked double back and ended with a piked double back. There have been commets of her body changing and a possible weight gain but she is a fighter so can't be counted out of anything.

The Netherlands
Wevers - more on her injury it happened on a balance beam dismount where she didnt end her legs! There will be no replacement for Wevers so the team will remain with 3 gymnasts. I pesonally think they should bring in Natasja Blind especially with her Bars routine.

Bui and Brinker - both showed a good performance. Bui had a good handspring straight with a half turn on vault.

Kaeslin - There were many comments on how good she looked not only on vault but on all 4 piees with solid routines so ahe wll definetley hope to be up there in the all around final.

Check out the links below which have so very good reports in more deail from podium training.

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