Friday, 3 April 2009

Europeans - Womens Qualification Results All Around

The full results can be found here but a summary and my comments can be found below.

All Around
Top 8:
1. Semenova
2. Tamirjan
3. Van Walleghem
4. Demyanchuk
5. Downie
6. Holenkova
7. Brinker
8. Masela
Semenova and Tamirjan were close with Semenovas bars just getting her in front (and she had an off day) and these two were nore than a point ahead of third place. I really liked Semenova's new floor she has matured and there is lots more dance and cleaner tumbling and for these reasons she also qualified for the floor final in 4th. Her bars had lots of complex pirouttes with a few arched backs though and she had a fall on her pak which she repeated again and she still qualified for the bars final in 8th. Beam was solid only small wobbles and some nice connections including ondi into flick layout (14.475).
I havent yet seen Tamirjan's routines but she seemed to have a solid competition except bars which she will need to improve to keep up with Semenova if she hits.
I'm pleased to see Becky Downie, Holenkova and Demyanchuk qualify in the top8 as I like all 3 of their gymnastics and its nice to see Ukrainian gymnastics is not dead despite the problems. Van Walleghem has had a very good qualifier to be in 3rd and I hope she can repeat it in finals. Also a mention to Hannah Whelan from Great Britain who made the final in 9th place just ahead in Ferrari, Congratulations Hannah!

Noticeable ones who didnt make it:
Afanasyeva: Semenova and Goryunova qualified ahead of her therefore she will not compete in the all around final. With a score of 12.025 on beam that is not suprising, her first fall was on the free walkover+flick+pike back combination and sfter that she seemed to fall apart and lose concentration with a 2nd fall on her split leap 1/2 and big wobbles on the spin and onodi. She also got 13.250 on floor because of a fall on her double pike at the end but she did have some lovely dance work and leaps in the middle section. Although she may be able to gain a little compensation in the Bars final as she qualified in 3rd.

Some vieos are up on youtube here

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