Monday, 6 April 2009

European Event Finals - Mens'

Lots of people have already posted the full results and they can be found on gymnastics So I'm just going to post a summary and my comments.

FX: 1. HAMBUECHEN 15.450 2. FAHRIG 15.400 3. KOSMIDIS 15.350
PH: 1. BERKI 15.600 2. SMITH 15.550 3. KEATINGS 15.500
SR: 1. VAN GELDER 15.750 2. VOROBIOV 15.600 3. IOVTCHEV 15.550
VT: 1. BOUHAIL 16.325 2. KOCZI 16.312 3. FAHRIG 16.225
PB: 1. CUCHERAT 15.825 2. PETKOVSEK 15.800 3. HAMBUECHEN 15.375
HB: 1. MARAS 15.375 2. CUCHERAT 15.250 3. KUKSENKOV 14.925

FX: The Germans did very well earning the gold and silver medals. Hambeuchens' routine was solid with little deductions (he had the highest E Score 9.150) and I like his 2nd pass on Round flick bk 2 1/2 into front layout 1 1/2. Fahrigs' routine was impressive with the 1st pass being front handspring+front layout 2/1+Dbl Front! The rest of the routine is full of difficulty and he only just missed out on the gold. If you haven't seen it yet take a look:

PH: The first 3 were all very close but the Hungarian had a more difficult routine than the 2 British boys. Louis seemed to have better form than last year and Keatings did what he did all week - hit his routines.
SR: Van Gelder had the highest execution score of any1 in the final (9.150) and he finished it off with a stuck dismount. It's a shame he didn't qualify for Bejiing as he looked very good in this final.
VT: Bouhail had 2 very difficult vaults Tsukahara Double Pike and Handspring Double front 1/2, the height he gets off the vault is incredible, both landings were a little high but good enough. Koczi also had 2 diificult vaults both with twists: Tsukahara 3/1 and Handspring 2 1/2 but leg form was a little untidy. Fahraig had the highest execution scores on noth his vaults 9.40 and 9.450 but his 2nd vault had lower difficulty although he certainly looked very happy with his performances.
PB: The first 2 were in a league of their own and their scores were very close. Hambuechen also earned another medal - he sure knows how to compete!
HB: This apparatus is always exciting and this was no exception, with no1 achieving an execution score int he 9.0s (the highest was 8.675). Cassina in his home country could not hold it together, he fell on a Kolman and then repeated it and fell agian! (score 10.875). At the opposite end of the scores Maras from Greece completed his diffocult routine with a nice release at the start to win the gold.

Most routines from Event Finals can been seen on 2008agwc's channel on youtube.

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