Friday, 3 April 2009

Europeans - Qualification results - Event Finals

1. Y. Berger RUS 14.287
2. J. Komrskova CZE 14.225
3. A. Kalashnyk UKR 14.112
4. K. Bui GER 14.087
5. A. Van Walleghem BEL 14.075
6. A. Kaeslin SUI 14.062
7. R. Downie GBR 14.025
8. W. Masela NED 14.025
Not too many suprises here apart from Kaeslin who I thought would be in 1st, but her 1st vault only scored 13.950 out of 16.300! so there must have been a fall as she scored around 15.00 at Cottbus. I'm happy to see Becky Downie make the final and it's also nice to see another Ukrainian there as well.

1. E. Tweddle GBR 15.275
2. A. Brinker GER 15.025
3. K. Afanaseva RUS 14.825
4. Y. Dufournet FRA 14.750
5. A. Koval UKR 14.625
6. V. Holenkova UKR 14.500
7. R. Downie GBR 14.475
8. K. Semenova RUS 14.425
Again not too may shocks apart from Semenova with her fall which I talked about in my previous post. Well done to Beth I hope she can win us a gold in the finals. Its good to see Dufournet hit and Afansyeva. This final looks competitive with any of them able to win if they hit, although highest D Scores were Tweddle (6.7) and Semenova (6.5),

1. V. Millousi GRE 14.725
2. A. Tamirjan ROU 14.525
3. K. Semenova RUS 14.475
4. Y. Demyanchuk UKR 14.450
5. V. Maksuta ISR 14.375
6. G. Dragoi ROU 14.350
7. M. Petit FRA 14.050
8. Y. Zimmermann SUI 14.025
A few suprises for this apparatus first the top qualifier Millousi from Greece! I did not expect that but she had one on the highest D scores(6.0) and I would really like to see her routine. I also expected Izbasa to make the final but she was down in 28th place with 13.075 and also Dufournet who is only reserve and I assume her fom let her down as usual. Others who had trouble were Ferrari, Pihan and Kaeslin. I like Demyanchuk on beam she has nice form and difficult acro moves (Straight back). I think it is good that a lot of different nations will be represented in this final rather than the same countries like normal.

1. E. Tweddle GBR 14.975
2. S. Izbasa ROU 14.475
3. V. Ferrari ITA 14.425
4. K. Semenova RUS 14.400
5. A. Tamirjan ROU 14.200
6. A. Izurieta ESP 14.050
7. L. Parolari ITA 14.025
8. V. Holenkova UKR 13.950
I'm very impressed that Beth qualified in 1st again and I hope she can do the same on Sunday. Im glad Izbasa is up there it looks like her fitness has improved since Jesolo. Another who impressed me was Vanessa Ferrari qualifying in 3rd following reports that she didnt look good and being a last minute addition (I'm also glad she didnt compete the yurchenko double full). It is available to watch below from youtube:

Parolari's routine was a nice change with more dance and less tumbles (3):

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