Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Brazilian and Romanian teams for jesolo 2009

The Brazilian team will be represented by Seniors: Ana Claudia Silva, Ethiene Franco, Bruna Leal, Khiuani Dias, Daniele Hypólito, Priscila Cobello and Juniors: Anna Caroline Cardoso, Nicolle Beltrame, Janaina Silva, Nadhine Ourives, Leticia da Costa . I dont know much about the juniors but there are a few videos around.
The best junior is Janaina Silva who has a very powerful 1 nad 1/2 yurchenko and double arabian on floor.

Nicolle Beltrame seems to have very good form but not the highest difficulty.

Out of the seniors Ive always liked Ana laudia Silva but new senior Bruna Leal is a good allrounder and recently placed 9th at the massilia cup.

The Romanians will be represented by Seniors: Sandra Izbasa, Anamaria Tamirjan, Diana Chelaru, Daniela Druncea, Gabriela Dragoi and Juniors: Amelia Racea, Raluca Haidu, Diana Trenca. Anamaria Tamirjan has been injured since the Olympics so it will be interesting to see her new routines. Chelaru is a first year senior who doesnt have high difficulty but Nicolae Forminte has said he expects good things from her and Amelia Racea has just competed at the American Cup and needs to improve her bars and form but has huge potential.

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