Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Cottbus 2009 Results

I decided not to report much on Cottbus because every1 else was but full results can be found here. I wasnt really impressed with the Bars competition the scores seemed low apart from Anja Brinker's routine which looked clean and tidy and I especially liked her first combination of toe on tkatchev into pak. It was a shame about Lieke Wevers' bars routine she seemed to loose her grip at the start but she made up for it in the Beam final earning a silver medal.

I also liked Sui Lu on floor it wasn't as exciting as some of the other chinese gymnasts on floor but she has good form and her triple twist and triple spin were very nice. She doen't seem to have her full difficulty back from last year and she only competed floor so maybe she has been injured. I look forward to seeing her at chinese nationals and other international comps this year.
Lots of videos from Cottbus are on the 2008agwc channel on youtube.

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